At nesossi studios, we consider it an honor and a privilege to capture you and your family.  Each year, our dedicated and talented team shoot, process, and deliver thousands of images ranging from your high school senior walking across the stage receiving their diploma, to the interior of a million dollar private jet.  There are hundreds of photographers in our area who have fancy cameras and take some really nice shots, but we know you are looking for more.  You are looking for experience, talent, and that special eye that captures a moment in time.  Our goal is simple - to far exceed your expectations.

Our creative team is led by Geof Nesossi, owner and co-founder of nesossi studios, who brings with him over 44 years of photography experience, while his wife Biji Nesossi has directed the administrative side of business for over 30 years.  Geof is joined by his son Dax Nesossi who has over 17 years of video and still photography experience.  Jesse McPeek, Gavin Peterson, and Lauren Arnold have over 10 combined years of photography experience, so when you partner with our studio, you are utilizing over seven decades of knowledge and talent - not to mention the administrative team of Brian Bannerman and Georgia and Shelby Herbeck who have years of office management know how.  Like we always say - the picture can look great, but it means nothing if we can't successfully deliver it to the client.

Our studio's humble beginnings began in a garage in Sugar Land.  Geof who has just left a photography firm in Houston decided back in March of 1982 that he wanted to start shooting for himself.  Geof's quality of work and unique eye became noticed in the community and soon what started as a small commercial product and event photography company, grew into portraits.  After much growth in the late 1980s, Geof Nesossi Still and Cinema Photography became Nesossi Photography and moved to its first storefront space in 1989.  The larger shooting space and more visible retail exposure, led to a larger increase in clients and demand.

That same year as a coach for his younger son Jordan's baseball team,  Geof thought the little league picture experience was too static, rigid and posed.  The result were rows of players standing in blocked poses with bad lighting and high prices.  He decided to photograph his own team with unique posing, quality portrait lighting in an indoor location.  Instantly loved by the league, he was commissioned to shoot the rest of the league and the rest as they history.  One league, became two leagues.....two grew to four and soon enough Geof and Biji had to hire additional office staff and another photographer.

Growth continued in the 1990s and early 2000s, requiring the acquisition  of the next door retail space, doubling the size of the studio.  Nesossi Photography purchased another photography studio which was for sale at the time greatly increasing the size of its client base to include school photography and dance studios.  Nesossi Expressions Photography was quickly gaining ground in the greater Fort Bend County area as the premier school, sports, commercial, and dance imaging studio in the area.  This was also around the same time the photography industry was converting from film to flash cards and incorporating the internet into daily commerce.  Nesossi Expressions always stayed on the cutting edge of this change, being one of the first major photography studios in the area to work off of a full digital platform.  The old light boxes and film rolls were sent to the dumpster, while early versions of Photoshop were being downloaded on the computers.

The mid 2000s saw tremendous change not only for the studio, but for the industry as a whole, requiring the studio to move yet again.  Nesossi Photography moved in 2004 to its present location in old downtown Sugar Land, but with the move brought a whole new way of doing business.  Not wanting to limit its services to the client to just photography, Nesossi Photography became nesossi studios, incorporating graphic design and layout into its portfolio.

What you hopefully see in our online portfolio and hanging on your walls is the culmination of this history.  This is the nesossi studios you love and hopefully continue to love. We are well aware that there are studios out there who can undersell us. But rest assured, they undershoot us. We are local, we employ local, we are family owned and we have over 70 combined years of experience.

On behalf of the nine staff members that are taking Nesossi Studios into its 30th year of imaging excellence, we would like to thank you for being a part of our continued growth and success.