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This is Geof's 43rd year of photography and 30th year as co-founder of Nesossi Studios. Geof is the studio's chief commercial and dance photographer, having brought the studio from its humble beginnings in the garage of his house to its storefront in Sugar Land. Shooting since the days of slides and film, Geof has seen many changes not only in the studio, but in the industry. Geof has seen the world through his lens in such corners of the globe as South America, Japan, Europe, and Africa. He is an Air Force Veteran having served in Vietnam and is a member of Heritage Baptist Church with his wife and is also involved in the church's mission team. In his spare time, Geof loves movies, great dining, and of​
Biji is Nesossi Studios' co-founder with her husband Geof having started the business out of their home March of 1982. She has seen many changes and growth through the years of the studio's history, while at the same time being a mother to her two children, Dax and Jordan. She advises the administrative staff on contracts, sales, and pre-production issues with her decades of experience. Biji is an Air Force brat and attends Heritage Baptist Church and has called Texas home for more than 36 years. In her spare time Biji loves to golf, shop, read, and travel to anywhere that is near an ocean.

Dax joined the family business in October 2004 as the chief photographer for our schools and sports leagues. Dax also shoots commercial accounts and dance studios. Prior to joining Nesossi, Dax was managing assignments editor for KPRC-TV Houston, WKOW-TV Madison Wisconsin and was an NPR reporter for the Madison bureau. Dax is also a 7 year Navy Veteran having served in Japan, Diego Garcia and Germany with the Armed Forces Network as both a videographer and on-air reporter. Dax is currently finishing his degree in History/Philosophy at the University of St. Thomas in Houston and attends Trinity Episcopal Church in Houston where he is a lay minister. In his spare time, Dax is an avid hiker (usually in the cooler Rocky Mountains) and enjoys "most" home improvement projects.

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Georgia has been with Nesossi Studios since December of 2009 and brings with her much experience in the retail and hospitality industries, as well as a small business owner. Georgia is our primary client coordinator for our dance studios and lead administrative assistant on our school shoots. Even though Georgia has lived in Texas for many years with her husband David and daughter Shelby, she originally hails from Buffalo, New York making her the resident "Yankee" of the crew. In her spare time, Georgia is an avid reader and outdoor enthusiast.

Shelby joined the Nesossi Studios team in the fall of 2010. Shelby is a client liaison working with our clients on location as an on-set stylist. She also works as a member of our post-production administrative team organizing what seems the countless number of order forms we receive during a given season. Shelby just graduated from Alvin High School and is currently working on her degree at Alvin Community College. Shelby has added to the family business mantra by working with her Mom Georgia, which up to this point, has "worked out fine." In her spare time, Shelby is usually shopping or looking at new Cameros or Mustangs.  She does have the coolest car of the entire staff.​
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